Saturday, March 13, 2010

Aphrodite's Grotto

Ode to Aphrodite I

translated by John Luo

Leave ancient Crete and come to our temple,

To our grove of fragrant trees,

Where the swirling mist of frankincense

Intoxicates the senses,

And shadows dapple the fruitful earth;

Where the cooling waters bubble

And dance on down through the sylvan meadows,

To where the horses graze.

See, in the meadows our horses graze

Among the distant trees,

Where blossom hangs on all the branches,

The ornament of Spring.

The scent of dill is in the air,

And roses shade the bower,

The cool and fragrant resting place,

Where we lie half asleep.

Queen! Cyprian! Aphrodite!

Bring nectar in golden goblets,

And stir into the heady draught

Your powerful magic potion

So we may drink and taste and prove

The sweet Delights of Love.

Blessed Be from the Tree,

Saturday Magick-Saturn

Happy Saturn Day,
Been a while since an update to the ol' blog. I felt inspired this morning to get to some writing. Saturdays are a tricky day magickally. Saturn energy is all about constriction and restriction and it's the day we usually hold our rituals due to accommodating everyone's schedules. Kind of a contradiction, we are celebrating on a day that is restrictive to energy flowing they way we want it to flow. But I like to flip it and make it a day where we bring in the positive energies to make the magick flow.
Before your rites or spellwork, focus on restricting the negatives. Put all your doubts and fears at bay, literally with magickal breathe and with your own body, move your arms and blow the obstacles away like you are swimming a breaststroke. Visualize the curtain of constrictive Saturn energy being opened and let the Sun shine in.
We are not negating Saturn's energy, but utilizing it to clear our path so Saturn's essence of responsibility can be present in our minds and magickal workings.
You can also benefit from Saturn's energy for Uncrossing rituals and spellwork. So let's talk about the basics. So you've got your jinxes and hexes and your thinking, what's the difference? A jinx is something you do to yourself-negative thoughts, destructive behavior, repeating the same mistakes over and over and never learning from them. A hex is something generated by someone else towards you, and in my opinion, intentionally or sometimes unintentionally.
So having said that, most of the time, the negative energy your feel reeking havoc on your life is your own energy. But what do most people reach for when they feel that energy? If you said a reversing spell, you guess right and what does that do? The reversing spell sends the energy back to its source, well, if you are the source, you've just sent yourself one heck of boomerang of vengeful energy.
Whether you are dealing with a Jinx or a Hex, it is always best to uncross the energy first. That way you do your best to eliminate you as your own suspect. If the bad juju persists even after an uncrossing spell, take a good look thru some divination or with a reading from a seasoned psychic reader and someone you trust to determine the source.

To Uncross-
Prepare a white candle with uncrossing oil and with a toothpick or pin, draw Xs in the candle. While preparing the candle, focus on removing the negative forces surrounding you. Visualize them being crossed out of your existence and realize that they no longer affect you. Light your dressed candle and sit with the energy awhile. Draw the energy from the flame around you and with the white color of the candle, blast the energy away from you, make it with an X and shield yourself. Meditation on the release of the chains that were binding you and feel yourself free of the obstacles and completely uncrossed.

Blessed Be from the Tree,