Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Directions

Hi all,
My Willow's Crystal Cauldron business is taking a new direction.  I'm planning on doing more tarot events like the Wine and Tarot Salon I held a few months back at my home.  I am looking for hosts to invite their friends, have them bring a bottle of wine or beverage of choice, a small appetizer to share and $20 for a 15 minute reading.  As the host, your reading is FREE.  Contact me here or on Facebook today to book a Wine and Tarot Salon.  And if you are a tea to-tallier, then consider a Tea and Tarot Salon..have people bring yummy teas-hot or cold variety, Afternoon tea yummies and the same applies, $20 for a 15 minute reading.  Please note for readings, cash is preferred but I can accept credit cards. $1 fee for CC added to reading fee.

Also, I started a new business venture with my business partner, Daphne.  We've started D-lish Catering Company.  I am wanting to hone my culinary skills just a bit more with some helpful techniques training and I need your help.  Please click on the link below to see my GoFundMe page.  I have 2-1/2 months to raise the $2,500 for this venture.  Book a tarot party with me and that will go to the fund as well.  Or just donate and see some of the perks I've offered to you for your generous donation.

Blessed Be from the Tree,

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

OT-MS Walk Long Beach

Brightest Blessings all,
I think this is my first 2013 blog post.  It's been too long.  But I wanted to share that Zoe and I are going to be doing the MS Walk in Long Beach on Saturday, April 13.  We want to raise at least $500 for the cause. Will you help us?  Even if you can only donate $5 and forgo that Starbucks latte for today, we and the MS Society will be grateful.  Here is the link to our fundraising page.  We would also like to maybe get a team together!!  Anyone interested?  Let me know.

Deana and Zoe's MS Walk Fundraising Page

Blessed Be from the Tree,