Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hey's Mercury Retrograde until Sept 12

Another Happy Sunday to all,
I was just checking my calendar and noticed we went retrograde in Mercury on August 20. And low and behold, it is retrograde in Virgo. Mercury rules Virgo as well as Gemini and I find that when the retrograde is in one of the ruling signs, it tends to be a bit harsher on those Sun sign people. But remember, it doesn't have to be 3 weeks of putting your head in the sand and hiding away. Embrace the retrograde, it's a perfect opportunity to deal with the past in an examining manner especially in Virgo. Being a Virgo myself, we are all about the organizing and getting things in order. I have lots planned for this retrograde already. Getting my storage unit cleared out which has been costing me way too much money, so I'll be saving $170 per month. That helps with a new baby on the way this Fall. I am also doing a few events to releave myself of some old store stuff-jewerly and what-nots. So clearing the clutter of the past to make way for the future. The clutter of the past is all over my temple room and I need my temple room back.
The book...well both of them. I started a book several years ago and when my computer took a dump, so did the book. Unrecoverable and devistating but no time like the Mercury Retrograde to get things back in motion. The other book is a cookbook I've been working on as well. Going to use this time to keep the fire going on that and get some recipes tested.
So get those orange or red candles carved with the symbols of Mercury, retrograde and Virgo....dress them with either Virgo oil or your own Sun sign and get the fire lit under your butt.
Blessed Be from the Tree,


  1. Oh and lighting the fire under my own butt to keep blogging like I should...Peace

  2. I'm glad your Blogging Willow, you are a wealth of information and have always served the community. Thank you!