Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What's Brewing

I used to write a What's Brewing post every month on my website when I had the shop and I just realized thanks to an old customer e-mailing me that I needed to get back to my blog and get to updating it on a regular basis.  So, I'm putting an appointment on my calendar to make sure I keep up with it, because if it's not on the calendar, it doesn't happen.
So What's Brewing with Willow's Crystal Cauldron???  Well for the past few years, it's been pretty quiet.  I honestly have to say I've had mixed feelings about being Willow-private citizen.  I miss having the shop so much sometimes, it always felt so good to help people with magick every day.  And I still get to do that just in a different way.  But I have to say life has been good for the most part over the years.  I have a wonderful daughter named Zoe who keeps me busy when she's with me.
But I've been getting this feeling over the past few months about getting things rolling again.  I have some things in the works for this summer at a local shop in Claremont, details will be coming soon.  But for a sneak peek, I will be hanging the sign out for tarot readings as well as some tarot classes and workshops.  Just need to get thru finals at school over the next 2 weeks and I will be scheduling all of that.  And I've scheduled the much needed BackYard Sale this month...see previous post from today for all the details.  And more details are to come as we develop things. 
So I send my plea to all of you, help me keep this blog active...write in your questions for help, situations that need magickal attention, etc.  I have a question on my phone from an initiate about some energy issues with an entity in her friends apartment.  I need to get a few more details but I will be posting my advice on the situation and hope you will all chime in with your comments and advice too.

Thanks for continuing to listen to the whispers of the Tree....

Blessed Be from the Tree,


  1. I'm really glad you're keeping up the blog again. :) And Claremont! I go to school at CGU... so I'm there all the time. (Might I be right in assuming Kindred Sprits or Crystal Cave?)

    1. Thanks Mollie, actually it's neither of those shops...I'm going to be working with a new shop called Buddhamouse in the Village. When I shore up all the details I will post the info...