Thursday, August 6, 2009

Basil-not just for caprese salad

Hey Willow,
My herb garden is loving the summer heat, and my Basil is out of control! I'm familiar with it's culinary uses, and I know it's a "money" herb, but that's about it....what can I do with it magically?

First off, bring me some so I can make pesto. Basil is a great herb and should be a staple in any Witch's magickal cabinet. Basil's magickal properties include fertility, consecration, purification, love and protection as well as prosperity. The scent of basil will bring harmony to a relationship. I've also recommended to couples to keep the love in your life, sprinkle some basil under your bed or mattress. Basil can be added to water used for purifying your home before unpacking and moving in. It's a wonderful house-warming gift for home blessing and protection. Basil brings courage and strength to a person and keeps their outlook positive even when facing adversity. Basil steeped in a tea aids in astral travel. It's also great for use before ritual in your magickal bath, especially before an initiation ceremony. I always include basil in my prosperity bags.

Remember when working with any herb, energize it and ask for that particular energy you would like to draw from it before using it magickally.

Blessed Be from the Tree,

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