Sunday, August 2, 2009


What are the traditions of a handfasting? Faerylight

Handfastings are traditionally a year and day marriage or a trial marriage. Some people come together for just that year and a day, for a lifetime, for eternity or as long as love shall last. Timing is really up to your schedule and personal choice but I always like a handfasting in June, the HoneyMoon month. It's traditional, as a MayDay or around the Beltane Sabbat, many feel it is exclusively reserved for the Lord and Lady's Divine Union alone but as I said, it is your choice. I feel a full or waxing moon is the best energies to work with for a ceremony.
The traditions within a handfasting ceremony can include the blessings of rings. I do this by anointing the rings with orange blossom oil (very traditional scent), charging them with energy and placing them on my wand within my wand box until it's time to give them back to the couple. The lighting of a unity candle or creation of a sand jar are symbolic of the joining of the couple or a family. The very common aspects of the tying of the cords and the jumping of the broom and the sword are staples in any handfasting ritual I perform. The cords, sometimes made by the couples' own hand or supplied by me, is weaved during the new moon before the handfasting date. I choose the new moon energies to insure a fresh start to the couples' new and happy life together. The jumping of the broom and sword represent the home and hearth as well as protecting the spirit of the union.
I love, love, love performing handfastings. It is wonderful to have a front row and center part in the union and joining of two people who are full of love and joy for one another. I have been honored and blessed to have performed 3 handfastings already this year and it seems a few more a croping up on my calendar as well. Always a Priestess, never a Bridesmaid. LOL

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  1. Handfasting is definitely one of the many celebrations wherein overflowing amount of joy is sincerely shared. A wonderful way of expressing undying love to whom you wanna be with as long as you live. Unconventional for some but its meaning is so profound and deep.
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