Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lammas Weekend Wrap up

Good morning and Brightest Blessings,
Lammas is a weird time in Southern California. It's not the typical Indian Summer that you picture it to bring but more so it seems to get hotter and hotter and the height of Summer seems to last till Mabon and beyond sometimes. Last evenings ritual was enchanting, timely and reflective. Lillian Morgan is an enchantress when she does ritual. Her ritual voice transforms and takes you to that magickal place where you experience your connective web to all things. My favorite part was during the story of the Dragonfly. When the story came to the part about the warm winds and the Corn Maidens, I felt the breeze turn from cooler to warmer as the Corn Maidens blessed our circle with their presence and touched our shoulders with their warm and tender love. And for just a moment, I felt that familiar Indian Summer grace our sacred space.

The timeliness of this celebration brings us to the astrological aspects of this ritual, the second decan of Leo-Generosity. Krickett lead us in a reflective list that the Great Spirit provides us and we see the generosity of the Universe. We need to remember there are so many wonderful things in the world that we take for granted all too often. What are your generous blessings to be thankful for? Do you raise a toast to the Gods, the Great Spirit, Mother Earth, the Universal Force, to your family and your friends in honor of the gifts they bring to you life everyday?

So post it on your My Space, Facebook, send a text or tell them in person-I am thankful for you.

Blessed Be from the Tree,


  1. I am touched and honored by your wonderful commments. I am so happy you truly enjoyed the ritual and the spirit of the season touched you. As for thankfulness, I am so very thankful for you, my Priestess and dear friend. I love you, Willow!

    ~Lillian Morgan

  2. Thank you Willow for leading my newby group with such candor, faithfulness and love. I have enjoyed baby steps into The Craft with you and Chelsea at the lead, and with all my friendly loving class mates stepping with me.